The workshops will be organized in March and April of 2022. You can find specific times and dates in the workshop descriptions. 

The project will end in an exhibition in early June. All works of art are welcome whether they are finished or still in progress. We want to exhibit the process behind finished artwork and give space for early thoughts that might have been evolved into something or just forgotten. In every workshop we can decide together what we want to bring into the exhibition. 

We are making a zine during this project for which you are warmly welcome to participate in.

If you crave more like-minded people around or more non-pressured exploration for your art practice, these workshops might be for you.


The workshop’s are full but you can sign up for the waiting list 🙂

You can sign up for one or more workshops through the sign-up form. If you sign up for more than one, please tell us which one you prefer. If the workshops get full, we will try to make sure that everyone can participate in at least one.

We attempt to give space especially to those artists who are not in art schools or who might have it harder to find representation, support or spaces where they can be themselves. We will take this into consideration if the workshops get full. In the application form, there is a possibility to share about yourself and your background if you want. We would love to hear more about you if you feel like sharing



We will start the project with a low-key vegan brunch on Sunday 6.3. 12-15 The brunch is open for all participants. We will tell you more about this project and you can make a diy sketchbook for thoughts and ideas. The instructors Arttu, Aala and Hanna will all join as well as Oranssi’s workers Vilu & Emma.

Participation for the brunch is optional but we would love to see you there 💕


Silver screen memories

instructed by Arttu Porkka


wed 16.3. 17-19:30

sat 19.3. 14-17

sun 20.3. 14-18:30

What do memories feel like? And how to portray that feeling in the form of a video? “Silver screen memories” is a workshop in which we create a video which attempts to capture at least one possible answer to these questions. Three-day workshop will contain discussing and planning, and exploring video making possibilities. Let’s see what our imaginations can create in our diy green screen-studio. We will then learn how to edit the shot material. Our goal in the workshop is to create something together and make video art more approachable. The atmosphere is relaxed and we focus on the joy of creation rather than the finished work. No prior experience is needed. You are warmly welcome to apply!

Working language: English & Finnish

Mundane mode

instructed by Aala Nyman


thu 24.3. 17-20

fri 1.4. 17-20

sun 3.4. 13-17

What is mundane? Maybe cleaning supplies and other tools inside the house are what first come to mind. Things like coffee cups, sinks, laundry and mops. For most, peeling potatoes and brushing your teeth are definitely in the category of mundane. But mundane does not mean there’s no magic there.

This workshop focuses on and revolves around things related to everyday objects, notes and photography.  We will think about how we value objects and things around us, what we let our thoughts be affected by and how subconscious all of this is. Why do we crop something out of the pictures we take and what kind of feelings will rise from using objects that are self-made? The workshop’s aim is to be stunned how little things, twists and changes can have huge effects in pictures or in small installations, sculptures, readymade objects and notes.

You can’t fail or have wrong answers here. You may happily keep your finger half covering the camera’s lens and make a grammar error in every word you write. The workshop will use experimental ways of getting to understand everyone’s different observations, points of view and notions about the everyday. We will do small tests with for example ready-made objects and clay. We will have time to chat and experiment. It is important that feelings, associations and unpredictability have the right to be valued before technical skill. Maybe experimenting together and the process of seeking something could be the purpose in itself? It is also crucial that everyone feels comfortable in the group and that there are different options for different needs.

Participants can bring some objects to the workshop that they are willing to alter or break. It can be for example a shirt, glass, towel, film photograph or a broom, something that maybe contains a memory.

If you are comfy shooting with easy-to-use cameras, reshaping your old notes and interested in the homespun way of making art, then this workshop could be for you. We warmly welcome you to enroll!

Working language: English & Finnish


Instructed by Hanna Ijäs


sun 10.4. 13-16

thu 14.4. 17-20

sat 23.4. 13-17

Loitering is a performative and interactive workshop. The workshop consists of performance and writing exercises which investigate, script and fantasize about the present moment, the future and futures. The main objective is to look into situations and spaces where the mind travels but the body stays still. A moment of loitering, standing by.

The workshop is divided into three guided and directed parts. Each meeting is a moment dedicated to topics connected to forms of loitering. The workshop is founded on short presentations, discussions and texts which we will read together. We will approach the topics through movement, play, games, LARP and writing. Together we search for ways of exploring the theme and construct material to play with. This workshop focuses on the process and not on the outcome. We work as a group or individually depending on the exercises. In the beginning, we will decide together whether we want to collectively work on a performative piece, make a video or perhaps only focus on playing. Participants’ wishes will be taken into consideration!

What to expect? Group work, drama, humor and maybe something you haven’t experienced before! Loitering is a workshop for everyone who is interested in performing, writing, playing and gaming! Everyone in the age group of 16 -29 are welcome to apply! Please bring with you an open mind and arrive as you are.

Working language : English & Finnish. You can work with both languages during the workshop. 

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