Keko’s Safer space principles

Safer space principles

In Keko, we are committed to creating a safer space for everyone involved. Problems and mistakes can’t be avoided even in safer spaces but rather than ignoring them we mediate the situations and take responsibility for our actions. Intentional and repetitive harmful behaviour is not acceptable.

If you face any kind of unpleasant situations please contact the project coordinator Vilu ( +358447445832) or Oranssi’s executive director Emma  ( +358447005666).

We are also happy to hear if  you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.


We respect each other

We encounter people in an open and friendly manner and respect everyone’s boundaries. We take responsibility for our actions and apologize if we make mistakes. We are considerate of others and their needs and interfere if we notice any harmful or discriminatory behavior.

We avoid guessing or assuming other people’s gender, identity, sexuality, background or abilities

It’s normal to make assumptions. However, we remember that assumptions are not information. It’s important to acknowledge our own attitudes and positions, and how these affect our relationships with others. We understand that based on someone’s appearence we can’t know anything about their gender, pronouns, sexual orientation, identity, background, economic status, abilities etc. We encounter everyone as individuals and give them space to choose what  information to share or not to share. We respect people’s definitions of themselves.

We give everyone bodily autonomy

We don’t touch anyone without their consent or take photos without permission. We don’t comment on each others’ or our own bodies in a disrespectful way. We are mindful about any comments we make about another person’s appearance. We pay attention to the words we use about ourselves and our bodies. When we criticize ourselves we are upholding harmful thinking patterns and also criticizing other bodies similar to ours. 

We give everyone space to speak and act

We are considerate of others both verbally and physically. We take care of other people and our surroundings and make sure that everyone has as much space as they need. We talk about things openly and kindly and allow everyone to speak or stay silent. We ask if something is unclear.

We talk respectfully about sensitive topics

We don’t know everything about other people’s backgrounds and therefore it’s important to pay attention to the topics that are discussed and the way in which we talk about them. If we want to discuss topics that can be difficult or triggering, we ask others for consent.

We all are responsible for creating a safer atmosphere

A safer space is only possible when everyone commits to the principles of a safer space. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s important to take responsibility for our actions and apologize. We understand our own responsibility in creating a safer space and welcome criticism and feedback. We are here to learn together!


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