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Oranssi ry’s Keko-project is starting in the Spring 2022. Keko is a space for diy-artists to search strategies for dealing with uncertainties and get peer support. Doing art can often feel lonely especially without institutional support. Our idea was to create space for young artists to create peer-support networks of different form and duration. We want to gather a diverse group of artists where experience, strategies and questions can be shared. We don’t need to have correct answers or success stories but to explore these things together.

We announce updates about Keko on instagram: oranssi_ry and facebook: Oranssi ry. If you want updates on emails you can let Vilu know this via email.

You can contact Keko’s coordinator Vilu Puttonen for all questions, ideas, worries and collaboration possibilities either via email ( or phone: +358447445832


The workshops are full but you can sign up for the waiting list 🙂

In Keko, we organize three workshops that take place during March and April in 2022. In the workshops, we are centering peer learning since the workshops are instructed by other young artists. We want to make space for discussing, exploring and creating something together that might stay in the moment or keep changing into something else.

The workshops are free of charge and targeted for everyone aged 16-29 who practice art in some way or another. Participating doesn’t require any specific background, knowledge or skill set. In the workshops, we will use different techniques and approaches such as photography, writing, diy-green screen filming, movement, drama and larp.

You can read more about the workshops here.


There is so much important knowledge and experience in unofficial networks. This knowledge is valuable to share so diy-culture can sprout in different directions. With this in mind, we are organizing art talks where we invite artists to share their experience and share diy-tips. Come to join the conversations or just listen. We will be streaming the talks so you can participate remotely as well. We can offer soup and a warm atmosphere. 

Themes for art talks:

10.3. 18-20 Locating: How to create (a) space? How to organize events? (in Finnish)

27.3. 15-17 Communities of different length & depth – how to find them? how to be in them? (in English)

Link to the event:

20.4. 18-20 M*ney – how to survive in capitalism (and create in it)? (in Finnish)

5.5. 18-20 Self-publishing & showing your art: how to get it out of the drawers? (in English)

More info coming later! If you have wishes for topics or themes, let us know!


Do you need space for co-creation? At Oranssi, we can organize peer-lead workshops, evenings for experiments, peer-support meetings or just space to hang out in and work on different projects.

If you need help with grant applications or pricing your work, or if you want to get comments from other people on your work, send us a message and we attempt to fulfill these needs! All questions, ideas & idea babies are welcome.

Are you a collective, group or project that is interested in making art and culture practices more accessible? We welcome all collaboration ideas with like-minded people so send us a message if you are interested!


Different Keko-activities will be organized at Oranssi in Suvilahti, Helsinki. (Kaasutehtaankatu 1, building 11) Map of Suvilahti.

Oranssi’s main space downstairs is wheelchair accessible. The front door can be widened to 130 cm. In the hallway near the front entrance are gender neutral wheelchair accessible toilets. (Entrance 87 cm) For the club space there is a 3 cm high doorstep. Near the front door there is an accessible parking space. If you have questions about accessibility you can contact Vilu at


In all Oranssi’s activities, we commit to making a safer space. You can find our principles for safer space here.